I'm Katie Devlin, the Creator of Klassically Kaytee - a fashion, lifestyle and travel blog.

I am a Boston born, University of Connecticut graduate, and full-time Social Strategist.  My day job is great, but I've always had a strong passion for fashion.  When asked what I do in my spare time, I am not afraid to admit that shopping occupies a major chunk of my down time.  

I started this blog for two reasons. The first being is that clothes/shoes/bags/EVERYTHING fashion-related makes me happy! This wasn't always the case, though.  Growing up, I played every sport, I danced, I wore basketball jerseys and could very well be considered a tom-boy.  That changed part-way through college.  I can't exactly recall the turning point, but I'm glad it happened and haven't turned back since.

The second reason is my friends and family.  For years, everyone has told me that I should start a blog or some platform to showcase my outfits, creative fashion ideas, and the like.  So, a HUGE thank you for the encouragement to all.  I hope that my love for what I've created, and what I'll continue to share with you, surpasses the expectations of what you've come to appreciate from me.

Where did the name "Klassically Kaytee" come from? Before my sister got married to her husband of now 4 years, the three of us lived together for a period of time.  I tend to do things very quickly - walking, talking, making food, EVERYTHING.  Rushing around tends to cause accidents, mistake and often times....injuries. After some time and many laughs from my misfortunate luck, my brother in law coined the phrase, "Classic Katie." I have to turn everything into some form of alliteration ...even referring to my dog as Klassic Karsen.  Hence, Klassically Kaytee!

As a new blogger to the industry, I welcome any and all feedback that you may have.  I have pretty thick skin, so don't be shy!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!



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