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Leather, Velvet & Bell Bottoms - Oh, My!

The past few weeks have been insane with work, holiday parties and keeping up with working out!! Of course, I probably did a little too much this past weekend and came down with a sore throat on Monday.

Now that its HUMP DAY and the end (of the week) is near... I'm feeling better and styling outfits for some post-work social gatherings I have coming up. I was ecstatic when bell bottoms came back around (like my mother said they would) AND even more so that I actually kept a few pairs from my post-college days.

BUT, my most favorite piece is the VELVET bodysuit. It's a tank and completely open back. I got this one while on a trip to Washington, DC earlier this year. Unfortunately, it's now sold out. Lucky for you, I've linked similar favs below:

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