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A Travel Favorite: The Backpack

Today kicks off my first work business trip of 2017! 24 hours in NYC is a perfect way to ease into the year. While I was pulling out my carry on suitcase that was tucked far, far away in the attic, I also grabbed this backpack. There's many reasons that I love traveling with a backpack, but most of all - it's super cute!! I originally bought this for a weekend trip to Nashville in 2015 and it has since made its way to some fun locations with me.

Before I share with you my 3 reasons why I choose a backpack for trips over other style bags, you can shop this look at the bottom of this post. I've also linked several backpacks that are currently available right now - all vegan or faux leather!

1. Comfort: Typically on business trips, I have a Macbook, an iPad, a notebook, a water bottle... shall I continue? Basically, the kitchen sink. All of this is in a shoulder bag - mentally designated as my "work bag." Since the work bag is a must, its kind of awkward and uncomfortable to also have an arm bag or satchel to carry, too. Work on the shoulder. All other personal necessities like my wallet, phone and lipstick is in the backpack.

2. Alignment: Work trips usually involve a lot of walking, standing and hussling. Constantly carrying a heavy bag on my arm or shoulder takes a major toll on my back and posture. I'm sure my chiropractor would agree with me on this one. When I have the opportunity to be work bag-free, I love having the freedom of throwing the bag on my back to alleviate some of that sideways leaning I tend to do with my laptop in tow.

3. Tech-free: This might just be a ME thing, but when my bag is within arms' reach, I have a bad habit of grabbing it for no reason. I find that when my phone (and all that comes with it like social, online shopping and email) is behind me, I tend to be more conscious and aware of those around me... which is extremely important on work trips.

See where you can scoop up this amazingly soft flannel, as well as a few great backpacks:

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