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Dress for Love

Valentine's Day is all about being the exquisite 'Lady in Red.' Whether you're going out to dinner, a show, concert or even wine tasting (Dennis surprised me last year by bringing me to a local winery that I instantly fell in love with and have since celebrated friends' bachelorette parties at,) you're going to need a dress that makes a statement.

I rounded up several of my favorite dresses after helping a friend of mine look for something UNDER $100 to celebrate her first Valentine's Day as a WIFE! The best part of all of these dressed below is that they are perfectly wearable to a wedding in the coming months. I was so torn in whether or not to keep this to dressed under $100 because my new favorite line, Bardot, has some fabulous designs that are just over the cusp. If you are looking to splurge, check out Nordstrom or Bloomingdale's.

Enough with the reading. Get shopping! :)

Shop the dress:

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