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Mother's Day Merriment

It's the most wonderful time... of the year! Nope, it's not Christmas. It's MOTHER'S DAY! I'm especially excited this year not only for my mom, because my sister will experience her first Mother's Day with her 6-month-old baby boy.

My mother is always so hard to shop for because she has everything and needs NOTHING! However, it's still important to spoil her on her day because, well, she is the reason I'm in the world. Ha! Since I started this blog earlier this year, my mom always points out pieces that she *loves* whether its a bag, shoes or a top. Don't think I haven't been taking notes! ;)

I've pulled together several items that I think will be perfect for any mom out there. Insider tip: I got the Kate Spade 'idiom' bracelet for my mom a few years back and it was a HUGE HIT! There's a few different styles that each have a different saying on them. The year I bought it, there was a special "Mothers" bracelet with 4-5 sayings on them that made the bracelet SO special. My mom wears it all the time because she says it reminds her of when my sister and I were young and she would share her words of wisdom with us.

Is this a 1st Mother's Day for anyone else? I'd love to hear what you're doing to celebrate!

Happy Shopping!

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