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LBJ: Long Black Jumpsuit

You heard it hear first. I'm making the LBJ a thing. I have been a long-time fan of rompers, jumpsuits, PLAYSUITS (as my London friends call it)... so when I came across this incredibly flattering jumpsuit from Viereck, it was instant love.

The designer, Deborah Viereck, is Los Angeles based. She has designed costumes for so many stars like GWEN STEFANI (say no more!!!) I came across this line while shopping at my favorite local boutique, Aine's, in Reading, MA. Uniquely enough, Aine's is the only east coast boutique that carries Viereck at the moment. All my New England ladies must be sure to stop by Aine's to check out the line.

Viereka Jumpsuit
Viereka Jumpsuit

To be honest, black is not usually my go-to color. I am always drawn to more brights and patterns than black. But, I've found lately that since black is more of a blank slate, you have wayyyy more room to be creative with accessories. From your hairstyle all the way down to your shoe, you could literally style this so many different ways! I opted for a bold statement necklace and smaller studs. I also played it pretty calm with the bag. I think next time, I'm going to try for a bright colored shoe and NO necklace. What? The possibilities are truly endless with black.

Another thing I love about this particular jumpsuit is that it makes me look TALL. At 5'3", I don't often get to say that. The shape of this really elongates the whole body. When you wear with heels, it gives an extra boost of elongation, too. AND, it has pockets. #WINNING - right? I really feel like this jumpsuit is super flattering and is a great investment piece to wear for seasons to come.

Below, I've linked this jumpsuit from Viereck (I'm wearing an XS), in addition to a few other styles of black jumpsuits and some awesome statement necklaces for the strapless looks. And *find of the week* are these amazing sunnies. I scooped them up from Primark at my local mall. This store is so great for accessories like sunglasses, fun jewlery and even a cute July 4th-themed romper! :) Happy Shopping!

How would you style a jumpsuit? I'd love to hear your ideas below.

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