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5 Reasons Why I Love Working Out

Hi All! It's been FOREVER since I've posted a blog for so many reasons. The first - and most time-consuming of all - is that I moved. It was a full 3-day adventure of packing up my condo, moving into the new house and then UNPACKING all the boxes. I was so sore from all that moving. Oh, and add on 80+ degree temps to those 3 days. It was a sweat-fest around here.

After moving last week, I then had a work trip to NYC for 3 days that was go, go, go from morning to night. I didn't have time to get a blog up - never mind try to squeeze a workout into the schedule. I noticed over my hiatus of about 10 days of no classes or running that my body (and mind) was run down, I had less energy, and I wasn't really drinking the amount of water that I typically do throughout the day. I flew home late Wednesday night after many delays thanks to weather and construction at Logan. Thursday, I had to go into the office for a few hours and then I went into the city to celebrate my friend's birthday at by Chloe in the Seaport. Have y'all been there? I highly recommend it. They specialize in vegan food and it was delish!

That said, now that I'm home (for a week), I can get back into my fitness routine and back to the BARRE! I was introduced to barre almost a year ago from a friend of mine and haven't looked back. I always like to mix up workouts - spin, boxing, running, etc. Between all that, barre has been a staple because of the total body muscle toning that it provides. I'll admit that I'm not the best and take breaks from set to set, but over the past few months of full-time commitment (min 5 classes/week), I've finally begun to see results and it makes me so happy!

This morning, I took my first class in 10 days and I immediately felt different. I even received a compliment from the instructor herself (HUGE THANK YOU to Barre N9Ne!!!!), which motivated me to write this blog on why I enjoy working out and what drives me to the barre or pavement on a continuous basis.

1. Stress Relief - As I mentioned above, being away from the barre for just a week took its toll on me. I was sleeping until past 8am (which is SUPER RARE for me) in the morning, feeling lethargic throughout the day, and overall just not my usual upbeat self. In addition, I wasn't sleeping well either. I was laying awake in bed unable to feel relaxed enough to fall asleep. After class this morning, I truly felt that I had a little pep in my step and tons of energy to conquer my mile-long list of things to do today. A few years back, I started running. I looked at running as something that I could do on my own - my own time, my own pace and my own way. I learned to love running after countless years of HATING the running aspect of any sport that I played. It was something that was for ME and ME alone. I also felt that at the end of a long day, I could just run away every ounce of stress that was in my body and mind.

2. Water, Water, Water - Working out always reminds me how important water is for the body, your skin, your hair - really everything! When I know that I'm going to a class or to run, I'll drink water before to prep me for the workout. During a class, I typically drink my entire 22oz bottle. Post class, I feel more apt to grab a smoothie or juice drink from Pressed Cafe... or just continue to drink more water. The rule of thumb these days is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day. Right there, I've already come close to that number. As an added bonus: When I workout regularly, my hair tends to grow a little faster (it typically grows at the speed of a snail, so anything is a major improvement)!

3. Friendships - Group fitness classes are such a great way to meet new people. I mentioned that my friend (and now instructor) Maura introduced me to Barre N9ne, but now that I go on a regular basis, I've met so many great women who each bring with them something different. In addition, seeing the same faces in certain classes is another motivating drive to get my butt to class. I get extra energy for cardio barre classes with Melissa, and know that I'll leave sore after Rebecca's Rock Your Body class. Just recently, my boyfriend and I started going to Title Boxing. We never work out together for many reasons, so it was a pleasant change that we found something we both enjoyed. This obviously wasn't a new friendship created, but I felt it was such a great thing for our relationship as we encouraged each other to work harder and even added a bit of competition. What's a workout without competition, right?

4. Routine - I always plan my day out hour-by-hour. AND, I don't write it down. I don't tell anyone else (aka my boyfriend who I live with who I think can read my mind.) But I do plan it out. Sticking to a workout schedule each day helps me adhere to a normal routine in my mind from day to day. I travel pretty often for work, so when I get out of my "routine" I feel as thought it filters through every aspect of my life. I fall off the Katie Wagon of normalcy and what I try to achieve each day in terms of drinking water, being healthy and maintaining a stress-free lifestyle.

5. Happiness - This may sound cheesy or lame or "basic"... but its true. Working out makes me happy. Someone once told me that smiling while you're struggling or in pain (good workout pain) is easier to do than frown. When I'm struggling to push myself to get that 20th push up done, a small smile really makes it all easier. Like I said, one class and I walk away with a boost of endorphins that carry throughout the day.

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These are my motivating drivers. I'd love to hear what makes you enjoy working out - whatever style that may be. Comment below on what your favorite workout is and WHY!

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