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Hey there! You might have seen a few photos from my afternoon aboard Classic Harbor Line's boat a few weeks ago. I was so excited - and honored - when Jackie Zukerman extended the invite to me to be featured in the Summer 2017 issue of NEXTonSCENE magazine. So, the back story on Jackie and I connecting is amazing. I met Jackie through Facebook. WHAT? That's right. Social connections are real these days. I was immediately drawn to her spunky personality and always-on drive for her own brand and business, as well as her support for so many strong women around her. She is truly a type of friend that every girl needs in their life. I recently attended the Summer fashion show that Next on Scene hosted in April and it was nothing short of amazing. The designers, music, beauty... everything was spot on!

Jackie had reached out about this opportunity a few months back. Unknowing what this date in June would have in store for me at the time, I unthinkingly replied, YES. Fast forward to selling my condo and buying a house within a month... of course the date of the photo shoot for the magazine fell the day before I was moving. Packing, packing, packing, photo shoot, packing, packing. Totally normal, right? I think this photo shoot actually kept me SANE that week as the perfect way to step back from the stress and have a fun afternoon with some new amazing friends.

It's no secret that every girl's DREAM is to have a hair and makeup artist for the day... everyday, right? Enter: Alexandra Dale and Jamie Cholaki. Hair and makeup queens! I'm a more than plain Jane on a typical day. Unless its a wedding or major event, I tend to lay low on the makeup. However, I always do my hair (blowdry and curling wand.) But, nothing too crazy.

Jaime's attention to detail is like no other. Her sweet personality and thirst for a little edge shines through in her work. I really loved this up do that she did. I am usually quite picky when it comes to my hair (ask my sister!!), but I digged this look. The hair clips made it SO much better. I love that hair accessories are coming back in style. How fun! And glitter? Nothing like a little sparkle in your hair to make the day better.

As I mentioned before, when it comes to makeup, I've really gotten a bit lazy in the past year or so. I don't know if its because I work from home and don't need it... or the fact that I'm just lazy! (It's probably the latter!) Ali knowsssss makeup. She really understands what works best for each skin type and has an eye for working the best features of her client's face. I felt so comfortable in her hands and was amazed at the final results that you can see below. I'm pretty sure I made plans for dinner this night with my boyfriend just so I had a reason to go out and rock this look.

Being a fashion blogger, I was dying to get myself into the amazing creations by Lalla Bee. I first laid eyes on the beautiful dresses at the NEXTonSCENE fashion show in April. The pieces that Lalla Bee founder, Melina, design are for the strong, confident woman. As I stepped into her dress, I felt just that and more. I am literally drooling over the entire collection!!

But the best pieces are on my ears and neck. I had the pleasure to wear a few beautiful creations from Tesoro Boston. One of the reasons I fell in love with the earrings below is because of the color. This stone is peridot, which just so happens to be my birth stone. It was a match made it heaven! All of the pieces from Tesoro are so delicate, but a small statement in itself. That is exactly how I like my jewelry.

I want to thank Jackie again for this amazing opportunity - the makeup, the hair, and the introduction to some delightful babes including Sonya Highfield who did the photos. Please take a few minutes to page through the Summer issue of NEXTonSCENE - Jackie killed it!


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