• Katie

Spinning in the Streets

Have you ever found a pair of sneakers that you absolutely LOVED and just had to have? #GUILTY I'm pretty sure that's every pair of shoes I lay my eyes on. But, what if those sneakers were multifaceted? You can wear them to spin class - clipped & loaded - and then head right to smoothies with the gals. That's exactly the idea behind TIEM.

This Boston-based brand designs for the modern athlete in mind: the fitness-focused, stylish and on-the-go spin goddess. I highly recommend this comfortable kick if you've yet to invest in a clip-in spin shoe. They're definitely affordable and super duper cute! SO many people ask me about them - men and women - and they're always shocked when I tell them that they're spin shoes. I'm all about fashion and function. These kicks totally fit that bill.

Check TIEM out on Instagram and Facebook!

Photography: Sarah Surrette Photography & Design

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