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Traveling with the Perfect Tote

I'm looking at a busy kick-off to fall over the next couple of months with lots of travel - both work and personal. I have finally become a 'carry on only' traveler and it has changed my life. When I first started traveling a lot for work, I'd be that business woman who always checked a HUGE suitcase that was packed full with no room to spare. That quickly changed after waiting HOURS at the luggage carousel and holding up my colleagues who I was traveling with. However, being a 'carry on only' traveler comes with some challenges, too. It's critical to board the plane early in order to guarantee overhead bin space for my suitcase. AND, you only get one additional personal item, so I have to combine all the items I typically carry in my purse with the items in my work bag - like my laptop, a notebook, chargers, etc. That's why its important that I always have a sturdy tote that will comfortably accommodate all these items. I go through work/travel bags so quickly because if I don't like it and struggle for one trip - it's a goner and I'm on to the next.

If you've been following my blog and my style, you know that I'm a huge fan of Sole Society - bags, shoes, everything! You can almost always find me with a Sole Society bag on my arm. Lately, I've found their totes are perfect for traveling. I look for a tote with a sturdy/hard bottom so that it stands up when I put it down and doesn't flop over. I purchased this Sole Society Zyla tote I think last fall and I can't part with it.

Another favorite of mine: Sole Society Dawson Oversize Faux Leather Shopper

A few seasons back, I splurged on a killer Rebecca Minkoff tote. It was almost spring season and I went to Nordstrom and tried EVERY bag they had before I settled with a bright green one. It's no longer available, but now I am a huge fan of her handbag line and have my eyes on a few styles at the moment like this blush one.

Additional fav from Rebecca Minkoff: Medium Leather Tote, Blue

While I tend to gravitate towards a bright, colorful bag, you can never go wrong with a classic black tote - especially when traveling for business. I have my share of black bags because its a neutral color that can really go with so many outfits. One lesson that I've finally adopted for my work trips is: pick one color for the trip. This way, I only bring one pair of shoes, one blazer (to be worn several ways) and jewelry that goes with each day's style. If you're like me and have multiple black bags, it's always good to opt for a less costly purchase. That's why I loved this style from Target on a recent shopping trip. It's big enough for a laptop and some other essentials, but is not breaking the bank.

More tote options in black for under $50:

Shop this look:

Which totes are y'all loving? I get excited to discover new brands and designers that make a bag that has everything I'm looking for. One of my favorites is Cuyana. I got a pretty decent size bag (not for business travel, unfortunately) and had it monogrammed. I love the color and the super soft material. I actually received so many compliments from TSA workers when I go through security! Share your favs in the comments below.​

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