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My Favorite Athleisure Dress

So when I put this dress on, it totally brought me back to MIDDLE SCHOOL. I was that tomboy girl who wore baggy jeans and jerseys over white tees. Not sure how that happened or why no one told me it was an awful fashion statement? Thanks, friends! Surprisingly enough, middle school was when I first met my now boyfriend. I wonder if he remembers tomboy Katie?

Well, I was heading out for the night in this dress when my boyfriend came home. His initial thoughts? Wednesday Addams. I mean, I guess I can see the connection, but I don't think Wednesday would rock this dress.

I totally fell in love with this dress when I saw a few bloggers wearing it. I love the slipdress look and the fact that it has a slight element of sporty-ness makes it so fun! What's even better, it's now 40% off! I was torn on what shoes to wear with it, but I think the Steve Madden kicks really paired well. This is definitely a dress that I'll be wearing into the fall season - mix up the shoes, throw on a jacket, and maybe ever a more bold lip!

OH and to let you in on a little secret: this is actually one piece.

Shop this look:

What are your thoughts on this slipdress? Too sporty or just enough? Leave your thoughts below!

All photos are by: Sarah Surette Photography & Design

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