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Packing Guide: Copenhagen, Denmark

Tomorrow, Dennis and I are heading to Copenhagen. I may have said this 100 times already, but I'm extra excited for this trip because its Dennis's first European trip - woo hoo! I have to go there for a work event, but we're heading over early to get some fun in before the work week begins. A friend of ours just recently went with her boyfriend, so she was kind enough to share some recommendations and tips for things to see/do. I'm so excited that Copenhagen is a walking city. I've been doing a ton of travel lately and haven't had a ton of time to work out - so this will give us a chance to get some steps in

The weather there isn't TOO bad - it should be 50s the entire time. I tend to get cold easily, so I'm packing a lot of sweaters and scarves. I also have to pack 3 days of business attire for work. Unfortunately, this means I will most definitely be checking a suitcase because I really doubt I'll be able to squeeze 6 days worth of outfits into a carry on.

All the above items can be shopped here:

I've been really slacking on posting lately, so I thought this would be a fun chance to share with you what I'll be bringing with me, as well as some similar items for a different preference.

Killer Kicks

I always travel in sneakers - they're the most comfortable for trekking around the airport and getting to/from the hotel. I've been eyeing the Steve Madden Lancer sneaker for a bit now - they're so cute. I also love the embroidery design on these kicks from Target (and they're only $27!!)

Warmest Sweaters

It's clearly fall in Boston. Well, I actually shouldn't say CLEARLY because today is 80. That's New England for ya!! The weather in Copenhagen will be 50s. While I will be inside most of the time for my work event, while Dennis and I explore the city on the weekend and nights, I'm sure it will be very chilly. There's nothing a love more than a cozy sweater. This one from BP is amazing - those sleeves are the best!

The Crossbody

I find a cross body to be so convenient when traveling. Just throw it over your shoulder and forget it. I think this is even more important and SAFE while travel abroad. It also frees my hands up for taking photos and looking up maps/restaurants to know where we're going.


I can't share this enough, but my skin is so, so, so sensitive. Going to Los Angeles for 4 days last week completely dried out my face and it still hasn't recovered yet. That said, I do travel with many products to hopefully keep any major reactions/breakouts at rest. I found this Mario Badescu essentials kit on SALE for only $38. I use the facial mist on a daily basis and was dying to try these other prodcuts.

Have you ever been before? I'd love any and all recommendations for what to see, do and eat while in Copenhagen.

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