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On Trend this Fall

Here in Boston, one day its 70 and the next its down to 50. I can't really tell if its officially fall yet besides the fact that the leaves on all the trees have turned a beautiful color and pumpkins are decorating every front door. What I do know for certain, there are some major fashion trends that are making their mark this season. Today, I'm sharing my top 3 favorite fall trends with y'all.

1. Statement Sleeves

I really can't get over the ruffles, bell sleeves and overall funky designs that are on every top right now. I think I enjoy this trend because it feels as though you can get away with less accessories because these tops really speak for themselves without over-doing it. Here are a few tops that I have my eye on right now:

2. The One-Shoulder

I'm pretty sure I've said this multiple times before, but I can just not get myself to feel good in off-the-shoulder tops. It's just not in the cards for me. However, I love a good one-shoulder piece. I find this style to be much more flattering on myself, which ultimately makes me feel more confident in my outfit. See what I'm browsing:

3. High Waisted Pants

I have a pretty short torso, so finding jeans that are "low cut" can be a challenge because I always felt that even those were high on me. Now that high waisted pants are designed so perfectly for most body types, I've found myself rocking them more often.

What trends are you loving this season? I'd love to hear!!

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