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Gift Guide: The Jet Setter

Wow - I honestly can not believe the holidays are right around the corner. I am so excited to kick off a gift guide series for y'all to share some fun ideas for shopping this season. With all of the recent travel that I've done both in the US and to Europe, there were so many things that I wish I had or that I had to buy to prepare for my trips. Everyone has a "jet setter" in their life... or we wish we were one, right? HA!

It's been said that the planning of a trip is more thrilling and exciting than the trip itself... which is kind of sad to think about. I think the thrill comes from all the anticipation of being somewhere different and new and warm rather than the mundane of a M-F job. It's the joy of mixing things up and getting out of your routine.

Two things that I have from the above guide that I think are a 'must have' are the laundry bags and Evian facial mist. These are two items that would be perfect as stocking stuffers, too! The laundry bags came in handy for my recent trip to Iceland because we went from the airport right to the Blue Lagoon with all our luggage and then had to put a WET bathing suit back in my suitcase as we headed into the city to our AirBnB. Clutch!


I hope you all enjoy this holiday season - appreciate the small moments, embrace family and friends... and be JOYFUL. XO!

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