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Dressing for Love

It's that time again - Valentine's Day. While I am really torn about this holiday, it's always fun to throw on a pink or red top and walk with a little bit of a 'pep in your step' on February 14th. I honestly don't know what Dennis and I are doing this year. It falls on a Wednesday, so that makes it a little challenging to go out during the week. A meal at home sounds amazing!

I remember last year we were celebrating the weekend before for some reason, but it was a huge snow storm. We drove into the city for a Sunday brunch at the Beehive in the South End (AMAZING FOOD!) and it was freezing rain, so cold, and just a slushy mess. I wanted to get some photos (of course) and it was kind of fun to run out into the cold, wintery mix that was drenching the streets to get the perfect snap. Mission: SUCCESSFUL.

I always leave it up to Dennis to plan something. I love brunch - it's probably my favorite meal... EVER! SO, if you're reading, Dennis... take note. :)

Whatever you may be doing - staying in or going out - celebrating Galentine's Day with your besties, a dinner with a "good friend"... here are some pieces I've pulled together to help you plan your Valentine's Day outfit. I wanted to keep everything under $50 because... I'm forcing myself to stay on a budget! What's that?? Haha! But seriously, you don't have to break the bank for this one day. I actually recommend against doing so.

Happy Shopping!

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