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New Years' Resolution Update

If you remember from my first post of 2018, I listed out my resolutions for this year. One of them was to SAVE MONEY!! I'm pretty sure that I have this on my list every single year, but I truly mean it and I've committed to kick-starting this ASAP.

The past three months with the house renovation, I have spent a TON of money. So now, I need to save. This is never easy for me because I love to be social and go out with friends, I love to shop and I still really want to do more things with the house like blinds for all the windows - HELLO, NEIGHBORS! On top of... rugs for my bedroom and living room.

There's already a number of things that I've already implemented to help my goal of saving money:

1. Now that I'm going into the office on a regular basis, I've cut out stopping at Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks on my way in. The office cafeteria has coffee in the morning for 50 CENTS. It's definitely not the best, but it does the trick to get me started in the morning. Even better, they have FREE coffee in the afternoon from 2-3pm.

2. At home, I bought coffee and make it at home. I bought this box of 48 from Amazon which makes each cup $.60 - WIN.

3. I make my lunch to bring to the office and bring a Seltzer with me so I don't have to buy a drink for lunch at the cafeteria.

4. No donuts!! This is such a downfall for me. But, no trips to Dunkin Donuts for coffee... means no donuts. Instead, I make breakfast at home - either an english muffin or rice cake with peanut butter. Sometimes I'll splurge on avocados with toast.

5. Finally, since Dennis and I are now living together again... it's so much easier to cook dinner for us at home instead of going out for dinner just so we can see each other. We went out a lot while we were living apart just to spend some time together.

Coming up in February, I am not buying any new clothes!


It's true. Not one piece.

When I moved back into my house, I went through all my clothes to see what I really wanted to keep and what could be donated. I managed to get rid of 3 bags of clothes and 1 bag of shoes. I didn't necessarily "donate" them, but I gave them to a best friend. Still, I have so much still hanging in my closet. So much so that I'm sure I will not go naked for the 28 days of February. Which is another reason why I chose February... it's the shortest month! AND then I found out that #NOSHOPFEB is a thing! This really drove me to fully commit and embrace this trend. I mean... if it's trending, its cool, right? I'd love for y'all to follow along this upcoming month on this fun journey. A group of local Boston bloggers have teamed together to support one another this month and I'm SO PUMPED!

I think one of the hardest parts of February will be the fact that I'm going to Florida with the girls towards the end of the month. This means hot weather and dresses. But like I said, I have a ton of clothes that I never wore last summer that I'll be able to wear. No stress, girl.

So there you have it. I'm officially one GIANT step closer to my goal of saving money in 2018. I'd love to hear your tips on how you have been able to successfully save money. Please share!

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