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Gift Guide: The Entertainer

Hands down one of my favorite gift guides every year is for the host, the entertainer and the party-maker! Dennis and I LOVE hosting at our house so this gift guide is carefully selected based on things we own or typically give to others.

My mom just recently gifted me my first beverage tub (not this exact one), but I'm obsessed with it and use it all the time. It makes entertaining so much easier to be able to throw multiple bottles of wine in, or even all the soft drinks for kids!

I think it was our first Christmas together when Dennis got me a guacamole bowl. He's very good at picking up things that I say I want, that I don't even realize I say! I love fresh guacamole, so we use it a ton and get a lot of compliments when we use it with guests.

Any entertainer will truly love any of these ideas and everything is under $100 between Cyber Week deals and regularly priced.

Shop the gift guide:

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