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Gift Guide: For Men

Dennis always love to help coordinate a gift guide for the holidays. He is very particular about what he wears for tops and more so shoes! I recently did an Instagram story with him to ask what he is asking for for Christmas and his top picks were: sweatpants, Ugg slippers and a cordless phone charger. Ha! But these are honestly things he uses and wears ALL THE TIME. Maybe too much (sweats!)

Hope this helps you get some ideas. I always find that guys are SO hard to buy for. But the same could be said for women, too, right?

I tried to include a lot of basic pieces like this top and this coat because I think a lot of guys don't really know where to start when trying to dress "nice". I would say its 50/50 for men who like to dress well and those who gave up trying. Some of these pieces are an easy way to sliiiiide into a more polished look!

Happy Shopping!

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