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Gift Guide: The Dog Lover

I saw my sweet little pupster sitting so innocently by the tree (he's been digging his nose into it on a daily basis) and had to capture a shot. Then, a brilliant idea came to me: GIFT GUIDE for all you dog lovers out there like me. I've gotten some pretty great gifts since I got Karsen 3 years ago. There's so many amazing things for days these day that I'm truly amazed each time I see something.

When I was putting together this guide, my boyfriend kept asking what things were like this handheld massager and the pooch selfie.

Besides the typical dog bed, toys and organic treats, I am a big fan of this leash that I use with Karsen. It's so sturdy that I've been using it for a few years now even after washing it a handful of times, too. I promise it'll be the best investment for any dog owner!

Happy Shopping!

All the above items can be found here:

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