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What I'm Loving This Month

New year, new month, new FAVS! The same as trends come and go, some of my favorite things do, too! I love Sephora because if you are part of their Beauty Insider program, you earn points, which add up to free samples. Last month, I got to try Drunk Elephant for the first time. I've read so many other bloggers share about this beauty line and have wonderful things to say. The price point is definitely out of my typical budget, so I've always been so hesitant to make the investment. BUT, with a free sample... TRY AWAY! I got the B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum as my sample. I used it only at night and it was really good. This made me want to try more and more! I ended up buying the Glycolic Night Serum and this is INCREDIBLE. Both products are great, but I found the Night Serum to be a little more hydrating and moisturizing - but that's just based on my skin type.

I also heard a ton about the Aerie Play Me Real Leggings - they are THE BEST leggings, currently on sale & they need to be in your workout attire cycle. I love that they are high waited, love the colors and I also think the material is so good for working out - not too thick and feels perfect.

You can shop the rest of my favorites below. I hope you love these items just as much as I do! Happy Shopping!

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