• Katie

Top 20 Walmart Finds

It's so crazy to me that I'm writing a blog post right now sharing some of my favorite pieces from Walmart - who would have thought? But, to be honest... the prices are UNREAL and a lot of it is actually super cute. Since we're still in between seasons here in Boston, I'm thinking positive and looking ahead to spring and summer style. This striped maxi has GOT to be a summer staple in your closet. Also, a lot of what I've pulled together can also be worn to the office (except the bathing suits, of course!). I hope ya'll enjoy this list and give Walmart a chance like I have. Would love to hear what you're loving, too! Enjoy!

A few items I'd highly recommend pulling the trigger on:

1. These flats are super cute and different. I honestly haven't seen anything like them and I love the polka dots.

2. I'm 100% sure you'll wear the heck out of this jersey dress because you can wear it so many ways AND it has pockets!

3. One-piece swimsuits are having their moment and this one is super cute.

4. I have a yellow raincoat that I bought over a year ago for close to $100 that I get SO many compliments on. This yellow one comes in a bunch of fun spring colors and under $30.

5. Saved the best for last: these shorts miiiight be an all-time fav due to the pretty floral pattern and the price - can't beat it.